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Our Mission

We work to financially support organizations who promote the health and well-being of children and their families. We help ensure that impactful programs remain funded so they can continue to provide essential research, education, and services to families and children in need.



The Hays Family

Abigail Hays, daughter to Ami and Jeff and big sister to Carlie and Siobhan was born on July 14, 2006. Abigail was born with a rare birth defect, TEF (Trachiaesophogeal Fistula). This was a result of VACTERL Syndrome, where each letter stands for a defect (vertebrae, anus, cardiac, trachea, esophagus, renal, limbs). Abigail had defects with her vertebrae, heart, trachea, esophagus, and intestines. At the time of birth, the most critical defect was Type C TEF, where the top and bottom of her esophagus did not connect, allowing secretions and food to get into her lungs. When she was not even a day old, Abigail had life-saving surgery to disconnect the fistula and connect both parts of the esophagus together. This surgery left her with complications from esophageal nerve damage and missing cartilage in her airway, causing her to have a weak trachea, and resulting in eating restrictions as she is at a high risk for choking. She has had a total of 9 surgeries, with her last surgery, in 2017, being a neck and spinal fusion and the removal of a defected vertebrae that began to cause complications. Along with VACTERL Syndrome, Abigail was also born with a rare genetic disorder, deletion of chromosome 16p11.2. As a result of this syndrome Abigail experiences intellectual, social, and emotional difficulties. She has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and has a language and written expression disorder which can make it difficult to communicate with and understand others. Abigail continues to work hard weekly in therapy, and the Hays family hopes to spread Abigail’s determination through their continual efforts with the Spreading Hope and Smiles Foundation.


The Moylan Family 

Lily Moylan, the daughter of Steve and Jen, baby sister to Haley and now big sister to Alexis and Isabelle, was born on March 11, 2012.  Lily led a healthy life, regularly meeting all milestones. She began socially smiling at about 7 weeks, and she frequently flashed her smile at anyone who met her glance. Lily spent a great deal of time with her family at the shore during the first few months of her life, and it was during one of those shore trips in late August that Lily was struck with a high fever. After her fever stopped responding to medication, she was rushed to the hospital. Lily was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection and was given antibiotics. Her affect returned quickly, her fever reduced, and she returned to her smiling, babbling self. Approximately 12 hours later on August 26, 2012, after returning home to Pennsylvania, Lily was found unresponsive in her bouncy chair. After a full autopsy and additional research studies, Lily’s cause of death remains largely unexplained. It is now the hope of the Moylan family that, through the year-round fundraising efforts of the Spreading Hope and Smiles Foundation, they can continue spreading the smiles that Lily so freely shared during her short but impactful life.  

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